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Feather River Organics is located in Marysville, California, within the current permitted footprint of the closed Recology Yuba-Sutter landfill. The site has been producing yard trimming compost since 1998. Feather River Organics currently processes approximately 30,000 tons of municipal and commercial organics per year. This material includes yard trimmings and food scraps collected from Yuba, Sutter, and surrounding counties.

The site utilizes a unique process to produce high quality compost. First, source separated yard trimmings and food scraps are placed into an active aerated windrow where initial processing begins. Then, for a period of six to eight weeks the material is turned and watered to aid in the biological breakdown process. Next, a four-inch trommel screen is used to separate woodier feedstock and residual contaminants from the compostable material. The material that passes through the screen is placed back into windrows where it continues to be turned and watered to ensure pathogen reduction. After this process is complete the organic material is placed into curing piles for a minimum of thirty days. Finally, the finished compost is screened and is ready for sale.

Feather River Organics’ quality assurance program includes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis of our compost to ensure a high quality, consistent product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.



Products are sold at a 5 yard minimum. 

Recology Compost:  This nutrient rich soil amendment is made from yard trimmings, municipal green materials and some food scraps. This compost is especially effective in agricultural and landscape applications. Recology Compost is screened to about 3/8 inch and available in bulk. This compost is OMRI Listed and  has  STA Approval by the US Composting Council.  


Custom Blends
We take special orders and can blend our high quality compost with additional amendments suited to your specific growing needs. Call us for consultation services.

 Piles of our various compost and soil products at Jepson Prairie Organics

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