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South Valley Organics is located in Gilroy, California,  South Valley Organics receives approxiimately 40,000 tons of food scraps and yard trimmings from residents in the South Bay Area that are used as organic feedstock material.

The site utilizes two compost processes for their different feedstocks:

  • A Tarp-Type In-Vessel Compost System provides the optimum environment for food scrap composting.
  • An open-windrow system provides maximum aeration to compost yard trimming materials.

Each process produces the best and highest quality compost that will meet different nutritional soil amendment needs.

South Valley Organics' quality assurance program includes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis of our compost to ensure a high quality, consistent product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.


Products are sold at a 5 yard minimum.

Recology Premium Compost: This nutrient-rich compost is made from a unique feedstock that includes food scraps and yard trimmings. It encourages leafy growth and succulence, increases microbial activity, promotes strong root systems, and improves soil structure. This is a favorite of Orchards, vineyards and organic farmers. Recology Premium Compost  has US Compost Council Seal of Testing Assurance. 

Recology Compost:  This nutrient rich soil amendment is made from yard trimmings, municipal green materials and some food scraps .This compost is especially good for agricultural and landscape applications. Recology Compost is screened to about 3/8 inch and available in bulk. This compost is OMRI Listed and is STA Approved by the US Composting Council

Custom Blends
We take special orders and can blend our high quality compost with additional amendments suited to your specific growing needs. Call us for consultation services.

 Piles of our various compost and soil products at Jepson Prairie Organics

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